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Wipes Manufacturer

Established in 2004, Suzhou Borage Daily Chemical Co., a National High-tech Enterprise. The company covers an area of more than 53,000 square meters,with a building area of more than 65,000 square meters. As BORAGE is a leading international personal hygiene group. It makes high quality products for Baby Care, Feminine Care and Adult Care and is the partner of choice for consumers, retailers,and institutional and private health-care providers around the world.The main products include: wet wipes, period care productions,disinfection wipes, cotton pads,medical alcohol pads, antibacterial agents, cosmetics, etc.

Adult Series

Finding the right cleansing wipes is a key part of comfortably managing incontinence. Adult cleansing wipes provide a convenient way to gently and effectively clean skin and, if irritated, provide soothing relief. There are a variety of wipes, washcloths, and towelettes available on the market today, and like most personal care items, personal preference will play a big part in your selection. But how do you narrow down what type is right for your situation?

Women’s Series

Consider your sensitivities: If you have sensitive skin and typically go with a gentle cleansing option for your other skin-care products, be sure to read the full ingredient list before picking a feminine wipe. Choosing gentle wipes that are unscented and stocked with soothing ingredients (like aloe or chamomile) will be a safe bet.

Home series

There are specific questions you need to ask a supplier or manufacturer to see if a disinfectant wipe is qualified to be used in your facility before purchasing it. What are they? Keep reading to find out! This can be inconvenient because you may not have that much time to allow the surface or equipment to be properly disinfected. Some wipes also contain alcohol, which evaporates before the recommended Dwell Time is reached. Understanding Dwell Time is crucial to prevent misuse and inefficiency.

Dry towel series

High-quality luxury towels are manufactured by using sensitive materials to make sure they can take care of sensitive skin the best. For a luxury towel to do its job correctly, it also needs to be taken care of. Towels should be dried with care and learning how to dry towels is not as easy as it sounds because there are several ways to dry towels.

Medical Special Series

Medical settings require a high level of hygiene standards due to the ever-growing risk of cross-contamination. The spread of infection is something that places such as hospitals can’t afford to risk due to the vulnerability of patients, therefore selecting the highest quality wipe possible is vital in keeping your surroundings safe and eliminating risks.

To help you make an informed choice we’ve shared our advice on how to pick the best quality medical wipe…

Baby Series

As far as parenthood goes, it’s safe to say baby wipes are a game changer. The disposable wet wipes designed to make diaper changes easier and more convenient are considered a must-have for all parents. You definitely want to have them on hand when your cutie experiences their first blow-out. Baby wipes are not only great to have at home, they’re also an essential diaper bag item so diaper changes outside of the house are more convenient and less messy.

Pet Series

Quality of materials: Before purchasing pet wipes for your furry friend, it is crucial to evaluate the material quality. Always look for natural, biodegradable materials with no harsh chemicals or fragrances. It will ensure the wipes do not introduce harmful compounds to your pet’s skin and coat. Ease of use : Always opt for pet wipes that are easy to use and don’t leave behind any residual substances that can stick to your pet’s fur. Choose a wipe that will quickly and effectively remove dirt and odors without leaving a residue on your pet’s skin.

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